Do you believe that you are in total control of your life?

Having the belief that you are the creator of your life is paramount to you achieving your greatest goals and desires.

As the ah-mazing human that you are, you can experience two types of mindset. A Fixed Mindset or a Growth Mindset.

A Fixed Mindset is when you have beliefs that you cannot change. When you believe that the effort you have put in is the final frontier, and you cannot possibly up-level because this is it. When you experience a bump in the road you may tend to step back and fear moving forward any further.

A Growth Mindset is when you believe that you can develop your beliefs to achieve your desired outcome. When you believe what you have achieved can be improved and you know within yourself that you can use what you have learnt from the process to improve the outcome. When, and if, you come to a bump in the road you get excited and view this as an opportunity to learn and put into action how you can resolve the situation at hand to assist you in moving forward.

Which mindset do you currently have?

For me personally, I grew up with a fixed mindset. I believed that what was, is all I had. If I failed an exam, so be it, I simply was not interested in improving or learning from my mistakes. I went with the flow and when things got hard, that was my bump in the road. I steered the other way and avoided it because I honestly had no desire to uncover lessons that I may learn from continuing on with that path.

These days, well, I’m completely different. Growth Mindset is where I’m at. I thrive on the challenges, the development that is required to move forward and ‘grow’.

What was the turning point I hear you ask?

Honestly, it was back in my real estate days. As a young gal in my 20’s and experiencing quite low moods, combined with the actual growing up I had to do because well, I am now an adult and a single mum, I was introduced to personal development. It was like a switch was flicked. I felt that there was possibly more to life than just ‘going with the flow’, having a Fixed Mindset. I felt supported in my sales team, the more experienced agents took me under their wing, and looking back it was like they could see something in me that I personally could not see myself at that point in my life.

Who would have thought, a career that was probably not suited to my personality, in any way, shape or form, was the doorway to my own personal development and well, quite frankly, is what lead me here today, writing this blog post and devoting my heart and soul to supporting others in their soulful journey.

What about you, do you have a mindset journey?

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