Do you listen to Podcasts?

A few years ago, I can remember driving home from town, I was listening to the local radio station and I just turned the volume down. There was pure silence. The only thing I could hear was the sound of my own thoughts (and boy did I have a few of them thundering around at this point in my life). I seemed to find solace in the silence. Like it was the exact therapy I needed at the time.

The volume button has stayed down still to this day. I won’t say I never listen to the radio, sometimes I’ll turn the volume button up to hear if there is a good song playing but it is very rarely, mainly when my teenage daughter is in the car.

The sounds I enjoy plugging my ears into these days is Podcasts. I absolutely love them. I have subscribed to many different genres, including but not limited too, counselling, coaching, business, spirituality, network marketing, and the list goes on (Did I mention I’m a multi passionate person who has a thirst for learning!).

I find podcasts great for personal growth, they are easy to listen to and most podcast episodes are only 30-60 minutes long. There truly is a podcast for just about every topic that you can think of.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share the top 3 podcasts that I have been devouring in 2019 so far.

  1. The Priestess Podcast – Julie Parker touches on everything from soulful business to spirituality and so much more. Julie is the CEO of Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and also the co-CEO of The Priestess Temple School. This podcast allows you to step into your power and dive deep into topics that are not usually general conversation.
  • The Life Coach School – Brooke Castillo brings it to the table with this thought provoking podcast. Everything that life throws at you Brooke teaches you through straight to the point episodes on how to understand thoughts and behaviours.
  • Sounds Like Bliss – Tara Bliss shares her heart on all things life. Her reflections, soul riffs and heart hitting poems are the perfect catalysts for allowing a person to connect deep within their soul and find home.

If you would like to get one or all, of these podcasts into your ears you can find them through the podcast app on your phone. Let me know what you think of these podcasts when you tune in and please share your favourite podcast in the comments below.

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