How many times a day do you catch yourself saying negative words towards yourself?

Do you experience low self-belief in any area of your daily life?

Is negativity holding you back from achieving your deepest desires?

We all experience the rise of our inner critic from time to time, but how much of what she says do you believe?

I can stand tall and tell you that my inner critic was extremely loud and, to be honest, quite obnoxious. She would scream things at me like:

  • Why would anybody listen to you!
  • Who do you really think you are? You don’t know the first thing about this or that.
  • Your not pretty/skinny (insert insult here) enough

Oh My Gosh, I will not start on the words that came out when I decided to take my life, my dreams into my own hands and start designing my own life WOW!!!

Throughout my journey I have really come to see how we, as women (and awesome women at that) are all exactly the same. We have all had and still are experiencing these thought patterns that are damaging, well quite frankly, destroying our self-esteem.

As women, we are all truly unique. We all have different desires, different outlooks and directions on where we would like to go in our beautiful lives. However, we all share one main thing in common, and that is the things we say to ourselves each, and every day.

What have you caught yourself saying to you?

Would you say this to your best friend? To your daughter?

For me, I certainly know that the remarks I have caught myself whispering into my own ear, I would not even say to my little Chihuahua baby, Kirra.

Why is it we are so hard on ourselves?

Do we hold such high expectations of ourselves that we see, that we believe, this kind of damaging behaviour is necessary?

Don’t get wrong. I do believe that we do need a small amount of inner critic chatter to gently support us to go to the next level in our life. However, she does not need to keep us in our current state. We need to hire a healthy form of our inner critic and close the door on the negativity that can feel so very strong at times.

Practical Tip:

Allow me to extend an invitation to you to be present with your inner critic over the next week and observe what she is saying to you each day. Perhaps journaling these thoughts and next week reflecting on them, looking for patterns that may arise. Gently allow yourself to switch these negative thought patterns over to healthy positive affirming patterns.

  • I am Worthy/Enough
  • I am a True Goddess/I am Me
  • I am Strong/Wise

Know that you are exactly who you are meant to be, gorgeous goddess.

I’d love to hear what powerful, healthy, positive affirming patterns you discover. Share them below in the comments.

Much Love,

Tara x

P.S. Sometimes negativity can creep into our lives and it can be an extremely difficult time for ourselves personally. Please seek guidance and support from a licensed counsellor or psychologist. You are absolutely worth it and much, much more.   

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