Hello gorgeous!

I am so excited that you are here.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and explain to you why I have decided to dedicate my life to empowering and inspiring women to break free from low self esteem to live purposely, dream passionately and love themselves completely.

From the age of 18-20, I felt really disconnected from who I truly was. I had experienced a break up (how we love those first loves haha at the time I don’t realise how much they allow us to grow), I was living away from home (luckily mum and dad didn’t mind me visiting, frequently) and I had lost my gorgeous chi baby Zoe (I know she lives on in my heart, precious girl). Don’t get me wrong, I was very lucky, I had secure full time employment and my friends and family were amazing.

However, I always felt like something was missing.

In 2004, I was blessed with my gorgeous baby girl, Mikaela. I experienced what love and devotion were all about. I was so proud of my baby girl. Watching her grow and reach those childhood milestones was heart-warming and touched me on a soul level.

Throughout the next few years, as a single working mum, I would strive to develop my professional career and explore many different industries. Moving into residential sales ignited a fire of passion for self-awareness and development. I began to explore the brilliant minds of Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and many others. I delved into learning about marketing and building my foundation to becoming a great real estate agent. I thrived in this industry winning a national award and building a network with other professionals.

Fast forward to 2008, I met the love of my life and in 2009 (yes, we did not waste any time) we were engaged and had a precious lil boy, Noah, welcomed into the family. My life was that of a fairytale (my fairytale anyway), but no, I didn’t feel this way, I experienced depression and anxiety, I had been diagnosed with depression in my early 20’s so I wasn’t a stranger to the effects, but this time was worse. I truly believed my family was better off without me. After a challenging few months and nearly losing everything I had (my gorgeous family) I saw my doctor and started the journey down the track of getting everything under control.

When I felt strong enough in mind, body and soul. I began to dive into holistic techniques to assist my body and nurture my soul. I tried diet programs, the latest exercise packages, mindfulness and so much more.

I found my true self in the darkness of my life. I found that my passion in life was to help others get through the not so fun times of their life. I began to study in the areas of nutrition, psychology, counselling and yoga to expand my knowledge and to also gain the skills to empower my self-discovery.

Throughout my journey, which is never ending, I felt a strong desire for a community of sisters that build each other up. A community of sisters that hold space for others and encourage them to be true to themselves, laugh and provide comfort in a non-judgmental environment.

My passion is to empower and inspire women to break free from low self esteem and live purposely, dream passionately and love themselves completely. It does not matter what or where your journey has taken you in this present moment. All that matters, is that you know that this community is for you, providing support, guidance and sisterhood plus a whole lotta heart and soul.

Are you being called to begin your journey to self?

I support millennial women (just like you gorgeous) who feel there is more to life but don’t have the confidence to explore their deepest desires to break free from low self-esteem and instead live purposely, dream passionately and love themselves completely.

I’d love to offer you a complimentary call to see if coaching is right for you and most of all, if I am the right coach for you.

Much Love Gorgeous,

Tara xx

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