What are your biggest and most wild goals?

Have you achieved those goals you set at the beginning of 2019?

Sit with me for moment. I invite you to gently close your eyes. Take a big, deep, beautiful breath in. Be present with this breath, feel the coolness of the air entering your nostrils, flowing deeply into your lungs and oxygenating your lungs. Hold this breath for a count of 4 and exhale for a count of 4. Allow your shoulders to relax. Inhale deeply for a count of 4, exhale allowing your body to sink deeper into relaxation.

Visualise your big, beautiful, wild goals. Connect with each of your goals, really feel how each goal makes you feel. Allow your goals to enter your cells, allow them to become a part of you.

When you are ready, bring your attention back to the environment that surrounds you. Gently wriggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes.

How do you feel?

What has come to life for you after completing this visualisation?

 Connecting with your goals daily can have such a positive effect on your ability to achieve them. Working with a coach is the perfect way to bring clarity and vision to your goals.

If I may, I would love to share with you the power that a coach has brought into my life. For many years, my biggest goal was to start my own coaching business. I had the required qualifications, plus some and most of all I had the commitment to this goal, however, for some reason, I just could not bring my goal to life.

This completely changed when I hired my coach. I became aware of what was holding me back, my limiting beliefs, the thought processes that were taking complete control of my desire to bring my business goal to life. Hiring a coach also brought awareness to areas in my personal life that I had never even know were there. Becoming aware of each and every area in life and business has allowed me to connect with those areas on a deeper, more attentive level.

For me, hiring a coach allowed me to take the action, the required steps that are needed to achieve any goal that I desire to bring to life. In a nutshell, a coach empowers and supports you to take the action that is required to make your dreams, your goals a reality.

What are some of the benefits of having a coach?

  • You will gain crystal clear clarity in your goals
  • Accountability and support to empower you to bring your big, beautiful goals to life
  • Encouragement and empowerment to step into your power
  • Reflection and exploration of self
  • Improvement of confidence and self-esteem levels

Your journey will be as unique as you are.

Empowerment, Compassion, Bravery and Courage. Every woman deserves to live their life in this way. As a coach, this is the cornerstone to my business and also the core values I hold within everyday life.

If you would like to step into your unique power, live consciously and courageously and make your goals a reality I would love to partner with you to make this a reality. You can find out more about my coaching services here. If you feel called, I would love to offer you a free complimentary consult where we can dive in and discover if I am the right coach for you. Book your free complimentary consult here.

If you loved the visualisation and the beginning of this journey today you can download your ‘How to use your senses to boost self-esteem’ workbook here.  

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