Guided, Soulful & Achieving!

Guided, Soulful & Achieving is how I would describe coaching with Tara. When we first connected, I was feeling two things, isolated and not confident in myself as a woman. I was in a rut and I felt like the energy was drained from my life. I was also struggling to find my purpose, I was needing clarity around employment, finding my drive and passion, taking my life to the next level. In such a short time (3 months) I gained my confidence back, I felt energised and abundant.

This has been a wonderful heart felt, soul expanding experience. Tara is incredible, she handed my own words back to me in a way that allowed me to see my own greatness, my own power. She is flexible and understanding, joyfulness radiates from her in a way that lifts people’s souls up. Tara, you are absolutely amazing, so real and honest. You really believe in your purpose and even in the tough moments you firmly held the vision for me, as your client, and kept me on task. You truly have a gift!

Sherrie Farnell

Empowered, Confident, Happy!!

Struggling with low self-confidence, low self-esteem and low self-doubt, I knew I had to give coaching with Tara a solid go and do it for myself. As a mother and business woman, I was craving a little bit of independence in my life. Life was absolutely hectic! I had never worked with a coach and did not know what to expect from a 3 month coaching series with Tara. I felt a little nervous commencing my coaching series as I don’t like to talk about my feelings to others but straight away I got a lovely genuine vibe from Tara and that made me feel a lot more comfortable. I knew I wouldn’t be judged on anything that I said, everything would remain confidential and that Tara wouldn’t make me feel bad for anything that I said. By the end of the first session, I felt okay about opening-up and talking about my feelings and I feel this was due to how genuine Tara is and that she really does want to help you. I just don’t know where to begin in thanking Tara. I really have changed so much. I feel like I have completely transformed. Coaching with Tara really is life changing!

Sonia Allen

Awesome, Caring & Thoughtful

I desperately wanted to create my ideal life, but was stuck on how I could achieve this on my own.

Tara was there to listen and support me in believing that everything I had in my mind was achievable. Tara held a space for me, where I felt I could face my fears and break things down into smaller, more manageable action steps, helping to reduce my feeling of overwhelm.

Since working with Tara the motivation I have been experiencing has overflowed into my family life as well. My friends are even commenting on how passionate I am.

Thank You Tara, for everything you have done. Holding space for me when I needed it most and giving me those gentle, loving nudges I needed at times to help me step closer to my ideal life.

Sarah Hooper