Welcome to the first Inspired Goddess interview. 

Throughout this series you will be introduced to some ah-mazing women who are doing it their way. 

Our first Inspired Goddess is Athena Wilson. I have known Athena for quite a few years now and she has always been an inspiration, even as a teenager. You see Athena is one of those women that just make you feel alive. Athena was always someone you could talk to for many hours, from delving into the unknown to contemplating what the future could look like.

Now its over to Athena to introduce herself……. 

From an early age I have always been interested in the unexplained. As I grew up and into my teenage years I started to read tarot cards and learn about the afterlife. I often heard stories from my pop or mum about strange unexplained things and I was fascinated. Even though we didn’t talk about our own abilities, for instance I could feel people’s emptions or I would be in a crowded space and by the time I got home I was exhausted or anxious, it still just seemed normal.

After I had my first child at 19, I shut myself off from all of it. I packed away my cards, my books and shut my intuition off. I was living away from my family bringing my son up and just getting through life.  After 5 years my relationship broke down and my son and I moved back closer to family. Over the next 8 years I married, had another child and moved to Rockhampton. I started to get my cards back out and reading up on everything again I had turned off.

It wasn’t until September 2015 when my pop was killed on his farm that I really got the kick I needed. Losing him so suddenly was a shock to the whole family but for me it was like something was missing. For the next 6 months I couldn’t talk about him or think about him without crying. I had all these signs around me that he was showing me but I wasn’t really connecting, until finally I had enough. My cousin  Jess who is an intuitive psychic told me to get some crystals as they would help, so I searched the hell out of crystals and what their healing properties were. I started wearing them and having them in my house. Even though I knew they were working I needed something else, so I went and had a Reiki Treatment, Crystal Healing and Past Life Regression treatment. I walked into this ladies room fidgety, on edge and completely lost with my life. I remember saying I need fixing, I’m lost I have come to a point in my life that I don’t know what I want or where I want to go. I have a good job but I hate it, my husband and I had also been trying for a baby for the last 3 years so I had that weighing on me soul, i just felt like it wanted to crawl under a rock and disappear, i was shattered!

Needless to say I walked away after an hour and a half with this lady like I had a new outlook on life! A lot of emotions running through me but the biggest thing I remember on my drive home was feeling like pop sitting in the car next to me and the words ‘It’s your time now theen!” (What he used to call me) Over the next 18 months I Completed my Level 1 and Level 2 in Reiki, I completed my Level 1 in Kinesiology and am currently undergoing my Crystal healing Diploma. I researched everything spiritual to understand myself more, I found out I was an empath and have intuitive abilities. I quit my job and my cousin and I opened our own business Soulful Insights! I also suddenly had people coming into my life but also ones that were already in my life supporting my dream. If it wasn’t for my husband, kids, mum and Jess I couldn’t have done it without them.

That in short is the start of my journey. I know this because I am loving life! I love what I am doing in our business; I love that I can wake up every day knowing I am helping people on their path. It doesn’t matter what how old you are, how lost or stuck you feel if I can at 33 change my life you can too.

Describe your vibe for the rest of 2017 in a few words? (How does the rest of 2017 feel for you:

For me 2017 already has been a year of changes, upheavals and challenges. However coming towards the end, for me everything is exactly how it should be and is only going to get busier and better.

What are your top 3 self care tips to connect with your inner goddess?:

Meditate: I started out with not thinking I could mediate. I just couldn’t shut my mind off to everyday life. It helps running a business where we run mediation classes’ everyday but also at night i find a good mediation, plug my headphones in and go to sleep.

Take time out: I know with 2 kids who play every code of football, my husband and helping run his business as well as starting my own business I have to find time for me! It doesn’t matter if it’s in my garden connecting with nature, reading up on new and exciting things to do in our business or just going to get my eyebrows waxed! Haha. We all need to take some time once a week to ground ourselves and connect with ourselves again.

Doing something you LOVE: We all love our family. We love doing stuff for them, love being a wife, mother, friend, whatever it is, but what do we do that WE love. I love giving Reiki to my clients. I love giving them feedback and seeing the realisation on their faces that I have just told them something they hadn’t thought about. I have started to make a living out of what I love but if you can’t, just find that 1 think you love that is yours, not anyone else’s but yours and take time to do that! It will feed your soul!

What keeps you motivated when levels are running low?

We all have those days or weeks where we question ourselves, were we feel run down or just yuck. For me it’s taking the time in my garden. When I am gardening it’s I get to have talks with my guides, develop my abilities more and get the answers I need. Every morning I wear my favourite crystals I am drawn to that day and when I’m feeling a bit low I hold them and ask my guides for guidance.

Thank you Athena such an inspiring interview.

If you would like to connect with Athena please head on over to her Facebook page Soulful Insights Australia

Have an amazing week goddesses

Tara xx



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