It feels bleak, there is no way of making heads or tails of the situation you are in.

Does this resonate with you?

The last few months I have been quiet, buried deep in my own confusion and unknowing. At times it felt like I was being suffocated, scared to try and take a gasp for fresh air.

Fear was the thief in the night for me, confusion its sidekick. You see my passion is supporting women through these exact times. I done ALL the study to allow me to do this, but my deepest desire is not to work for an employer it’s to build my own heart centred and soul driven business. But the last few months I have been completely crippled and overwhelmed, all the not so good emotions flowing deeply through my veins. My fears bubbled around not succeeding, feeling like a failure and looking so silly in the spotlight.

Fast forward to the present moment today, and even though those fears and confusion are still niggling ever so slightly I have become aware of them. I know they are just there to deter me from achieving my boldest, wildest dreams.

So how do you gain this awareness?

  • STOP!! Become still and bring your awareness to really feel into the feelings of fear and confusion. Allow yourself to feel these feelings flowing through you.
  • Complete a full body scan. Start at the tip of your toes and move your attention upwards, covering every inch of your body. Really feel into what you are feeling, there is no right or wrong.
  • Grab your journal and 2 different coloured pens. Write down the following questions in one colour and the answers to the questions in another.
  •  How do these feelings make you feel within your body in the here and now? Can you feel a slight vibration? What’s your body temperature, warm or cool? Do you feel like there is something stuck in your throat? Are you short of breath? Is there tension in your body? If so, where? Really dig deep and connect with your body and how it is feeling. Bring awareness into your heart and soul.

What are some coping strategies that you can implement ASAP?

  • Deep, slow breathing. Take a moment to connect with your breath, inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds and exhale for 4 seconds. Do this a few times to allow your mind to clear and to oxygenate your blood, while slowing down your heart rate.
  • Take notice of the thoughts you are having. Are your thoughts true? What evidence do you have that says your thoughts are true? Challenge your fearful and confused thoughts.
  • Get out into nature. Take a walk and connect with your environment, mama nature is a great listener
  • Do a yoga flow. Take 15 minutes to move your body and generate some gentle heat, stretching is also a great way to combat any tension you may hold.

Other coping strategies you can adopt over a longer period of time:

  • Identify what it is that is triggering these feelings
  • Find extra support, someone you trust and who is open to listening
  • Conduct a lifestyle check-in. Would a morning and evening routine support you? What is your diet and exercise routine like? What small changes could you make to support you in trying times? On a level of 1-10 what is your self-care like?

There are times when it seems that anything we try to alleviate our symptoms does not work, so we may need to seek more qualified support from a preferred GP or mental health practitioner.

I would love to hear any handy tips you may have on how you cope with fear and confusion when it sets in?

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