Three words that could describe how I feel when fear rises up and takes over.

You see, it doesn’t matter how many pretty Instagram lives or facebook photos you see. We can all be grasped by fear at some point, and even still in this present moment.

For many years I have devoted my life to studies, on one hand because I truly love to learn, I am a self-proclaimed forever learner, and on the other hand, a little niggle has always been there saying:

OH TARA!!! You my dear do not know enough for others to want to listen or be held by you

This afternoon, while getting paperwork ready to submit to the Australian Counselling Association, I had to stop and laugh in the face of fear.

So many years, so so many. I have hid, I have made excuses, I have dreamt and set goals to only sit back and watch them fall and then watch my own self-esteem fall to the deeps wallowing pits of sadness and yes, sometimes quite a depressing sadness.

I have rose so high, to only allow myself to fall with such force that I thought, key word is thought, I could not go on.


The last few weeks, well months really, I have really taken notice to the inspiring women that surround me, and to my surprise, they too have moments of fear, that creep in and try to steal their power. The common denominator I see among all of these amazing, powerful women is that they get back up, they take the bull by the horns, they look fear straight in the eyes and say NO!!!!! this is my time to shine, this is my time to serve, in whichever way feels good for them.

I pose a question to you, my beautiful friend:

What is your relationship with fear?

I honestly believe that we need a little bit of fear in our lives, as that is what allows us to grow and thrive. Fear allows us to live and learn and share our knowledge with others, in a supportive way.

Gorgeous goddess,

don’t let fear steal your power!!

If fear is holding you back and you are ready to take your power back book your free complimentary call today and let’s get you on the power train to live purposely, dream passionately and love yourself completely.  

Much Love,

Tara xx

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