Empowering holistic living through natural solutions!

When beginning my journey to self one of the first

things I did was look at reducing the chemical load within my home for my family & I.

Little did I know that these magical bottles from Mother Nature would have such a massive impact on us all.

So what exactly are essential oils? 

  • These babies are extracted straight from the plant/herb & are a massive 50-70 times more powerful than herbs
  • The oil that is extracted is actually that plant/herb immune system that allows it to defend itself against environmental threats (Could you just imagine what these plants/herbs have to brave out there)
  • These magical bottles from Mother Nature have been used for centuries (even Cleopatra had them in her bathroom cupboard)
  • The oils are highly concentrated ~ just 1 drop of Peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of Peppermint tea

Now you know the what, you may be wondering the WHY?


  • DoTerra grow & harvest the oils in their natural habitat (plus they give back to that community to support community growth)
  • Quality is the number 1 priority to provide Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils
  • Each batch of essential oil is tested multiple times to ensure purity
  • Be rest assured that each bottle of essential oil is the purest oil you will find in the world


  • Essential oils help the plant to fight threats such as mould, fungus, viruses & bacteria¬†
  • Essential oils can penetrate the cell membrane and eliminate outside threats to our system
  • Natural support for our bodies and our loved ones (need anymore be said)


  • Due to the high concentration of the oil 1 drop is all you need to reap the benefits
  • Each oil is versatile ~ so many different uses ~ from assisting us with daily living, DIY cleaning products, cooking and much more
  • Family friendly and portable (these babies can go everywhere with you)

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