Feeling stagnant?

Energy at an all-time low?

Still wanting to achieve all the things but just haven’t moved any closer to the end goal?

Girl, it’s time to hit your reset button.

This past weekend I went away with the family, it wasn’t far from home but let me tell you it was exactly what I needed to reset.

I’ll be honest with you, last week I had a restless sleep most nights, was awake at around 4am (yuck) and just felt so heavy within my body.

Heading off on our little camping trip, I had no idea the power that it would hold.

I feel like I have come back a new woman, ready to let my fire roar and get down and create so many amazing things, in business and in life.

Take a moment to check in with yourself, do you feel you need to hit your reset button?

When we feel stuck in our life, it can bring about so many dark and heavy feelings. These feelings can take us on a spiralling journey to dooms-ville which leave us stuck, stuck in our old patterns and habits.

What habits or patterns do you feel stuck in at the present moment?

These patterns and/or habits could be relationships you have outgrown, blaming others for what you haven’t achieved in your life as yet, spending hours on social media scrolling, habits we have formed over the years that are no longer serving us.

Two questions to ask yourself when you are feeling uninspired, stagnant and lethargic and you are starting to look outwards to play the blame game or so heavy you aren’t moving forward,

Do I want to be around my own energy at the moment?

Am I inspiring myself at the moment?

If you answer No to these questions it’s definitely time to PRESS THE RESET BUTTON baby!!!

What are some ways you can move your energy around?

  • Move your body – dance, swim, walk, just move your body, it doesn’t have to be strenuous.
  • Be honest with yourself -if you’re feeling stuck how much is it costing you? Financially, physically, emotionally, you are the only one that has the power to change things.
  • Get away for a few hours, a day or a weekend – go camping like I did or just go and do something that you love for a few hours, with no other commitments, no technology, just you, the fresh air and the things/humans you love.
  • Check in with yourself – what is it that you feel will support you in moving the stagnant, uninspired energy. Life is for living, not just existing.
  • Connect with the future you who has achieved the things your wanting too – How does she feel? Bring the magic of the things your wanting to achieve to life now and work from that space.

I’ve found that the feeling of stagnate energy really comes into play when we are about to up-level but we keep repeating the same old ‘excuses’ as to why we never achieve anything.

Start to become aware of when your stagnant energy rares and what ‘excuses’ you are repeating in your mind as to why nothing is being achieved.

You deserve to live your best life, whatever that looks like to you.

Let me know in the comments below if you are feeling some stagnant energy lately and what you will be doing to move it.

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