Do you lack motivation throughout the day?

Have you ever wondered what you can do to bring your level of motivation up?

On those days when motivation is low, it may cause you to doubt yourself and allow the negative thoughts to settle in.

How can you manage this?

Below are 5 ways I have found that support me through these times.

  1. Connect with your ‘why’.

Yes, I know, you may hear this everywhere. Connecting with your truth, the reason you are working towards your goals, is so very powerful. Whether your why is crystal clear or not, there is a reason why you want to achieve your deepest desires, it doesn’t matter how big or small they are. It may be to support others through a journey similar to what you have experienced or are currently experiencing. It may be for your family/children or just to improve your development as a person. Whatever your why/purpose/soul mission is, connect with it and allow that feeling that it generates within you to radiate outwards every single day.

2. Write out your goals.

Get crystal clear on your goals and declare them to the world. Write your goals out each and every day. This will assist in training your brain and every cell in your body to truly and honestly believe in yourself and your goals. Simply jot them down in diary or into your favourite notebook or even on a loose piece of paper. You could then put the piece of on the fridge or somewhere in clear view so that you can read them throughout the day. If you’re not a pen and paper kinda’ gal, the notes section on your phone is the place to be. Type them each day and perhaps, if you feel called, you could make your goals your new lock screen wallpaper. However, you feel called to get your goals down, take inspired action and declare them.

3. Decrease the overwhelm and break your goals down into bite sized actionable chunks.

Do you look at your goals that you have just written and think: Oh my gosh, they are so unachievable!

Sit with your goals and really feel into them. Break your goals down into small bite sized steps that you can work towards each day. When you take on, what can at times, feel like HUGE goals, you can tend to feel overwhelmed and that’s when your motivation level may decrease drastically. Setting yourself up for success, by breaking things down, can allow you to achieve those small steps successfully and over time your bigger goal will feel much more achievable, with a lot less overwhelm.

4. Bring Play back into your daily life.

This is a biggie. As your daily responsibilities grow, you may tend to put the ‘serious’ hat on. As a woman, you may tend to take on extra ‘stuff’ leading you to unconsciously start to push play out of the way and before you know it, your ‘miss seriousness’ for a large chunk of the day. You may get so focused on what you are trying to achieve that frivolity disappears completely. I invite you to bring lightness and play back into your day to day activities. Bring the sounds of your favourite songs into the pockets of time you have dedicated to working on your goals or to do list. Allow yourself to sing and dance, whether you feel you can or not. Take a walk on the beach, enjoy a cuppa at your local café, whatever ‘play’ looks like for you, invite it in and infuse your day with lightness.

5. Be You.

Bring your heart and soul to everything you do. Allow the essence of ‘you’ to flow through. The world needs your voice, your love, your honesty. There is absolutely no one in this world that can do what you do, how you do it. When your level of motivation is low, a great way to raise the bar is to just allow your radiance, your ‘youness’ to sparkle so brightly. As the quote goes, ‘You Do You’.


Sometimes when you experience low motivation levels, it may be a sign that you need to rest. Nourishing your mind, body and soul with genuine care and rest can support you in recharging and rejuvenating the person that matters most ‘YOU’. Never underestimate the power of switching off and disconnecting from those things that are not of the absolute highest priority. Gove yourself the space to nurture and celebrate all that you have already achieved. You are an amazing person and sometimes the best remedy for everything is a sneaky little day of divine rest and relaxation.

There you have it. Not 5 but 6 beautiful ways that you can support your motivation level every day.

Is there a handy motivation tip that you would love to share in the comments below? I would absolutely love to hear it.

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